Lootlang is an entire language generated and stored on chain. Word meaning is intentionally omitted for others to interpret. Feel free to use Lootlang in any way you want, even for your daily schluba.

Mint (0.02 ETH)

You will receive a pack of 8 words, generated at the time of mint by an on-chain algorithm. Not even Jobijuga knows what you'll get.


Each pack can be shuffled up to 5 times to ditch words you don't want. Pick 1 or more words you'd like to keep on each shuffle. Do you go for long words (rare), words that sound cool, words that sound funny, or maybe words that play well together? That's your decision to make.

The Great Freeze

Legend has it that on block 13487654 all remaining shuffles are destroyed and Lootlang is forever solidified on the blockchain. Some say there's a powerful wizard that can be appeased to change the block number, but it could just be an old wive's tale...

The Language

We built an on-chain word generation algorithm that was trained using a large body of English literature and refined by the community.

To enable the community to influence the language, we threw a 5 day event in our Discord, where members invented new and fengluminous words. There was only one rule: every sentence spoken had to include an invented word. A bot listened, tracked word popularity, discarded real words (including common slang), and then used these words to adjust the language model.

The final algorithm was permanantly enshrined in the Lootlang contract upon deployment. Every single Lootlang word will be dynamically generated at the time of mint, so even we can't predict what will show up.
  • jondital
  • ferera
  • wozenge
  • zetontar
  • fengluntins
  • shomotin
  • jezura
  • poretoof
* This is an example. Your words will be generated when you mint. Click here to view an existing pack that you own.