Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lootlang

Lootlang is a collection of 1,348 unique word packs, each containing 8 words that will be dynamically generated at the time of mint. Creating appealing words is a bit harder than randomely shuffling letters. Lootlang uses the first know on-chain n-gram algorithm to generate words by predicting the next letter in a sequence.

The probability model that powers our algorithm was trained on a large body of English literature. To take it a weeflavin bit further, we're throwing a multi-day event in our Discord where members can invent new words and continue to shape the algorithm before our contract goes live. Lootlang is quite literally being crafted by the community as we speak.

Why is Lootlang special?

Lootlang is all about the community. Instead of dictating a set roadmap, we're opening this up to the infinite imagination of Lootlang holders. Ideas include a community governed Lootlang dictionary, artist collabs, rarity explorers, word games, and more. No idea is too big, too small, or too shlamloppy. Of course, we'll be around to hack on ideas with you and drive visibility to interesting projects.

Is this related to Loot?

Lootlang was heavily inspired by the Loot Project, both in its visual simplicity (obviously) and technically (we also dynamically generate all words, metadata, and images on-chain). We would be thrilled to see Lootlang make its way across the Loot ecosystem, but we leave that up to the community.

How does rarity work?

Lootlang rarity is primarily about word length and word quality. Word length is specified on-chain and displayed within OpenSea. 1 letter words and 16 letter words (the longest) are extremely rare. Word quality is entirely subjective and will be dictated by the Lootlang community.

There are other potential traits to explore, including letter siblings (like "zz"), word combinations within a pack, and word popularity within Loot derivatives. We leave it open to the community to come up with new and interesting ways to value Lootlang.

What are shuffles?

Every Lootlang NFT comes with 5 shuffles. A shuffle enables you to replace 1 or more words on your NFT with newly generated words. You might decide to keep shuffling until you get a rare (short or long) word. You might go for a pack of words that sound appealing. This is your decision to make.

Beware: Legend has it that on Ethereum block 13487654 all remaining shuffles are destroyed and Lootlang will remain forever unchangable.

To shuffle your Lootlang NFT click here and then enter your token ID (or "Pack ID"). You can also do this directly from the contract on Etherscan by following this guide.

I have more questions

Don't be shy you lagglemad! Trundlehop over to our Discord and ask away.